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USER MANUAL of the Lingvomaster web portal

This User Manual of the Lingvomaster Web Portal (hereinafter referred to as the User Manual) represents a description of the key capacities of the Service. The detailed description of the Service capacities is published on the Website

The interpretation of the terms used in the User Manual is given in accordance with the text of the User Agreement available on the Internet at the URL

After the User has signed in on the Website he (she) can make choice of three Roles:




The Role chosen by the User defines the list of capacities of the Website and/or the Service provided by it available for the User;

By choosing this or that Role the User is able to change the list of capacities of the Website and/or the Service provided by it on his(her) own;

When choosing the Role of a Student the User is permitted to:

browse through all the public pages of the Website;

browse the pages of a Course made viewable by the Author;

leave comments on all public pages of the Website and on the pages of the Courses subject  to commenting;

subscribe to all the Courses published on the Website, admit requests from and apply requests to any Course published on the Website;

to do drilling on the web portal, perform written tasks and receive feedback to such tasks, as well as gather study statistics when taking a Course.

In case the Student is not subscribed to the Course, he (she) is not able to receive feedback on drilling results on the Courses pages and is not capable of gathering drilling results statistics.

When choosing the Role of a Teacher  the User is permitted to:

create study groups from the Students who are Course subscribers inside the Courses published by other Authors;

control and gather study statistics of the Students in groups;

invite students to take up a Course and manage the Course applications;

When choosing the Role of a Teacher the User is not permitted to vary/delete Content and/or Courses.

The access to the Courses for the Users who chose the Role of Teacher is granted at the discretion of the Rights Holder with reference to the request of a User.

When choosing the Role of the Author the User is permitted to: 

create Courses (as a set of the Website subpages united by the page of the Website with Course description as the common point of entry);

make Course pages viewable or not viewable for the Users; In case a Course page is viewable all Users see it. In case a Course page is not viewable only the Students who subscribed for a corresponding Course see it;

add Content to Courses;

place different types of tasks such as tests, texts and other Content created in the drilling redactor on the Course page.

invite the Teacher to participate in the Course.

Invite Co-Authors to participate in the Course.

The Author automatically receives the capabilities of the Teacher in the frameworks of the Course created by him (her).

The Courses created by the Author can have one of the following types of access (at the discretion of the Author):

open access, when any User can subscribe to the Course and start it;

on demand access, when only the Students whose application was approved by the Author and/or the Teacher can start the Course;

access at the invitation, when only the Students who accepted the invitation to start the Course send by the Author or the Teacher can start such Course.

The open access and on demand access Courses are displayed in the Course catalogue on the Website, however they can be hidden on demand of the Author. The closed access Courses are not displayed in the Course catalogue on the Website.

The Personal Account section is designed to store the Users` data. Depending on the Role chosen, the User is provided with different capabilities of the Personal Account:

the section Student in the Personal Account is designed to store the Student`s data, drawing up and sending applications and Assignments, browsing the information about the Courses available (purchased by the Students in the section Subscribe to a Course) and receiving notices;

the section Author in the Personal Account is designed to store the Author`s data, publishing of the Courses and information about them on the Website, receiving of applications and Assignments of Students, seeing the statistics about Deals (the Subscriptions to Courses purchased by the Students), Agent`s progress in doing an assignment and receiving notices.

the section Teacher in the Personal Account is designed to store the Teacher`s data, creation of groups from the Students who subscribed to the Course, controlling and gathering of Students` statistics in these groups, inviting Students to take part in the Course, managing the applications to the Course.




Version as of 22-Jan-2018/